Why men prefer Asian escorts over a girlfriend?

A man hires an escort because he wants to have some amazing sex and there ends the matter! Why do men prefer Asian escorts over their girlfriend, well this point answers the question. However, hiring an escort is paid service and he will need to spend through his nose for it. But the escort makes him feel that every penny is worth it. The same cannot be said about a girlfriend and even after spending hours with her lying naked in the bed, one might get lucky if they get a blow job.


Men feel obligated towards their girlfriend and with an escort there are no formalities and obligations. The higher the price the man pays for Asian escorts, the more bang he expects and the equation is pretty simple.


Benefits of hiring an Asian escort


  • Asian escorts mean girls are from one of the Asian countries, like Japan, China, India, Thailand and Korea. These girls are very exotic and erotic and many people, who crave for Asian sex and Asian Massage flock to Edinburgh. Asian Massage is more preferred by men compared to any other ethnicity and there is something magical about it. One of the reasons is that Asian girls are more seasoned in what they do and are pretty refined. Remember, they all come from the Land of Kama Sutra! (Art of Sex)


  • Most Asian girls speak English very well and are very good with their mannerisms and it probably comes from their up-bringing and cultural background. They come from a rich cultural heritage which dates back thousands of years. So it is in-built in their genes to be cordial and nice to all of their guests. Especially the Japanese, Chinese and Indians who top the list in hospitality.


  • These Asian escorts are very good VIP escorts because they are exotic and they look different from the rest. They are small-built and petite and also are humble in their nature. Any man in a hall with an Asian escort will be singled out because the pair looks different. This is one sure shot way to gather some attention in a social gathering.


  • They are not demanding and they are very honest and straightforward. They put their cards on the table before you hire them and they stick to it. Anything extra apart from that they receive, they accept it with a smile. This is a common nature of all the escorts from Asia.


  • You can experience different sorts of massage services like Nuru massage, Tantric massage, Sensual massage etc with Asian escorts which may not be possible with your girlfriend.


Asian escorts vs Girlfriend


  • A girlfriend is a commitment and you need to adhere to the rules of engagement with her. There is a line that you cannot cross when you are in a relationship and it is a high maintenance job mentally. An escort is like a hands-free gadget, you do not have to adhere to anything and can actually let your hair down and let go of all your tensions.


  • A girlfriend may or may not be sexually compatible with you. For example, you love to have a blow-job at the beginning and she may not like it at all. However, you have to continue with your relationship physically and mentally because there is love and commitment. With an escort, there is no love or any of those hang-ups, you pay, you cum, and you get out of there. The escort will do everything that you want her to willingly. The pleasure is same, whether it is your girlfriend or an escort; and in fact with an escort, it is more.


  • You have to make sure that your girlfriend knows everything about you and what you do on an hourly basis. You hire an escort just for one hour or more and you are done with it.


All said and done, there is no comparison between your girlfriend and an Asian escorts because both have their advantages. It is like comparing apples and oranges and there are no similarities at all. Love is the biggest differentiator and you cannot spend a lifetime with an escort. Remember that when you are feeling low, your girlfriend will hold your hand and lend you her shoulder. An escort does not care until you forge a bond with her. This said, there are many escorts who pamper and care for their customers. The key is finding the right escort, who you can turn to when you are feeling down.

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