How can work stress affect your private (sex) life?

Are your deadlinesgetting too close for your comfort? Do you find yourself saying “Not tonight” more often than not? While it may be disturbing, it must be devastating for your partner more than it is for you.

Your work and tight schedule could be doing you more harm than you realise. Just as it is important for you to finish your work, it is just as important for you to pay attention to your private life. Since times innumerable, it has been stated that stress has an effect on your sex drive and personal relationships.

It may be easy for you to brush it off, but it is not really a matter to be taken lightly. However, there are many myths about stress and its effects, which you should not believe right away. While it is true that it has an undesirable effect on your sex drive, it is also true that if you lose your sex drive, you will get it back.

Also, many have stated that your partner may feel weird or not loved enough if you lose your sex drive. It may be true for some, but mostly any woman who is worth your time would ask what the matter is and will help you get out of your problem before jumping to random conclusions.

Since we are clear on what it actually does, here is why stress affects your sex drive in reality:

Bad Body Image: Although bad body image may not seem to be a product of stress, it actually is. Under stress, your body changes, and so does your body’s metabolism. Stress has been known to slow down your body’s metabolism, which in turn makes you bloat and grow fat even though nothing in your life changes.
A bad body image or a body that you are not happy with will automatically render your private life useless.
If you want to avoid this, here is the perfect remedy for you:

  • Chalk out your time and make some room for a daily workout. Find a way to make your body healthier. Also, remember to set a time for your routine workouts so that you can create a cycle.

Stress actually affects your Libido: While you may consider sex as one of those harmless things, you should understand that stress has a vast effect on your hormones. Prolonged periods of stress release the hormone called Cortisol. This hormone is associated with two things primarily; one is that it makes you gain weight around your abdominal area and the second is that it lowers your sex drive tremendously.
If you want to avoid this, here is the perfect way to avoid it:

  • Find the time to do something that reduces your stress. Spending time with your partner may have the best effect on you. However, the other way of dealing with this is that you can consciously train yourself to be less stressed about things. This will automatically help you.

Closeness is replaced by Absence: It is no surprise that the stress hormones are bad for your life and your personal life. However, there is yet another devastating side of these hormones, and that is that your life becomes empty. Stress makes you feel out of place and makes you feel lonely. And when you feel lonely or different, you forget that there are others who care about you.
Rather than closeness, you begin to feel the absence of everything. You will focus more on the negativity that comes with your life and forget that there are better perspectives on your life. You will not listen and nor will you want to listen or do something apart from feeling bad about yourself.
The remedy for this:

  • The moment you realize that you are under stress, make sure that you seek help. Talk to your partner or perhaps seek help from others. Talking always helps; you can find answers to your problems just by speaking.

Stress may seem inevitable, but you will actually need to get out of it on your own. Understand that stress has many negative effects on your life and body, which is why you should completely avoid it.

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