6 (SIX) Fake Asian Escorts Agency Scams: Be Alert

Escorting is one of the best and oldest business in the world. It has survived so many centuries and seen and faced all of the different challenges that different times brought with them. It is still thriving in today’s time but the business faces newer threats.

In today’s world connectivity and instant access are something that everyone expects their basic requirements and rights. Ever since computers and smartphones. This has become the norm and people are reliant on technology now more than ever (you too are probably reading this on a computer or smartphone screen).

With so much power in just a touch, where you can make transactions, communicate across countries and buy and sell virtually anything; people have come up with their own ideas for earning money. Duping has become especially easy as one can create a fake profile and target gullible netizens in the process.
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One of the most common online scams is the fake Edinburgh oriental escorts scam where they ask for your banking details and loot you. Here are a few ways to spot fake escort agency ads and scams online –

  1. Call them – Any photo can be touched and retouched with many digital tools these days. It’s best to speak to the escort on the phone and then try and figure out whether the voice matches the pictures. Usually humans have good sense and can make out if someone else is speaking other than the oriental escorts Edinburgh in the photographs. But speaking to them is also a way to figure out if they are lying. You’ll hear it in the voice if you’re are being taken for a ride you didn’t sign up for.
  2. Video call – Use the tools that the scammers use against them only! If they are using their computers and smartphones to further their own nefarious scams and agendas then you too can use those same devices to achieve your own purposes. Video call your escorts before finalizing an appointment. Thanks to technology, you can now call someone and speak to them face-to-face from anywhere in the world! In fact most times, you don’t even have to pay for it!
  3. Meeting – Arrange a meeting a safe and public space so that even your escort feels safe along with you. If the escort does land up for the meeting then you will know what she looks like and can easily be the judge of that. On the other hand, if the escort doesn’t show up then you can be sure of having avoided a scam.
  4. Don’t pay beforehand – If the escort is insisting on paying you without meeting then you should know that there is a great probability of it being a scam. So no matter how sweet she is on messages or how nice she sounds over the phone, make sure to keep the purse strings tightly closed before you’ve has the opportunity to meet face-to-face., even video calling doesn’t count in such cases as they can always run away with your money.
  5. Look for reviews – In today’s times, most reputed escorts have their own personal websites where they solicit clients directly without the interference of an agency. However, even if they are a part of an agency, you can go to their website and check their profiles. The profiles might have reviews on it. Check them for any peculiarities like a lack of grammar, or weird references compared to the account holder’s name.
  6. Don’t share personal details – Whether they ask you for your name or your age, just remember to not reveal anything before you have met them and verified their existence. The scammers are very intelligent these days and they figure out your social media accounts if they know your real name. Also, it goes without saying that it is best if you don’t share any of your bank details no matter what. In the business of escorting, cash is the most used form of payment and rightly so.

Use all of the above mentioned pointers to weed out the fake from the real or else your Asian massage Edinburgh will turn into a loss making nightmare. Thankfully, if you’re looking for the real deal then you’ve come to the right place. Our escorts are capable of providing a variety of services including Asian massage Scotland.

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